LINE Tips and Trick By Skypeear Software

Japanese messaging app Line is the very best messenger in its home nation, and it has become one of the prominent players in Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

Forget about paging through many stickers for the one that you thought you might have seen; the default decals and ones that you download from the store have keywords attached to them, and there is a fantastic chance you will find something fresh to use.

By default, Line applies compression to the photos you send.

In both individual and group chats, there’s a message board where you are able to post pictures and text that you would like to keep and refer back to, so it is easier to record the memories and conversations which matter most.

Unique Way to Add Friends

Adding someone’s telephone number is indeed the last generation. If you’re using a friend, try shaking your mobiles at the same time. And the program will help connect both of you without sending awkward messages via the Internet.

If it works, you are going to see each other recorded on display, and you may tap your friend to add them.

If vibration seems silly to you, you can scan every other’ QR codes. Go into More -> Insert Friends -> QR Code. This will activate the camera, prepared for scanning. Harness the button that states”My QR Code” in the bottom right to exhibit your code to your buddy.

Suggestion: This works even if you are not beside your friend, so show someone your QR code through video chat, or set it as your user icon — if you dare.

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